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- Makes a difference for our shared environment and your finance!

With EuroAd you can reduce the environmental impact, and at the same time save money. EuroAd is suitable for all combustion engines and have the same great effect on for example oil- fueled boilers. Documented tests show that EuroAd is a great choice, for both industry and transport companies.




EuroAd - Properties

  • Decreases harmful emissions in both fossil, bio driven engines and burners.
  • Improved combustion gives a higher energy out­put, the engine runs better and fuel consumption is reduced.
  • Soot deposition in the combustion chamber are heavily reduced. A cleaner and more complete combustion reduces the maintenance costs.

About EuroAd
EuroAd is a 100% vegetable based product. EuroAd is 100% biodegradable and are totally non-toxic.
EuroAd EuroAd is not harmful to engines or other parts of the vehicle/burners, either short or long term.
EuroAd dissolves completely once added to the fuel.
EuroAd has a cleansing effect, breaks down and prevents emerge of bacteria. EuroAd contains no ar­tificial chemical substances or petroleum additives.
cleans the entire fuel system; the tank, fuel lines, combustion chambers, valves, nozzles and fuel injectors.
With EuroAd in the fuel, each fuel molecule is oxygenised more efficient. With cleansed fuel injectors/ nozzles and the added oxygen, a more efficient combustion is achieved. In that way more energy can be extracted from the fuel and fewer soot particles are generated. You will lower your fuel consumption and reduce dangerous emissions.


Automatic dozers
We have solutions for all types of combustion engines and burners.
Easy handling and a measured amount of EuroAd can be achieved with our automatic dispencers. EuroAd is pumped into the fuel and the manual handling at each refuelling can be avoided completely.




Documented tests
Svenska Shell has analyzed the oil from
the circuit racing cars in the SLC series. One analysis was carried out with EuroAd added to the fuel and one without.
Saybolt, a Swedac accredited laboratory has tested the MK1-DIESEL with EuroAd added to the fuel, against Swedish stan­dard SS155435 edition 4 and EN-590, EU standard, one test with 5% RME and
one without RME.
MoRe Research has tested emissions on a cargo vessel. The vessel was tested on a reference basis without EuroAd and then tested again with EuroAd added to the fuel.
Analytica, a Swedac accredited laboratory has analyzed EuroAd and found that the content of EuroAd is not harmful to the
environment, engines or humans.


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