Question: What are the EuroAd Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Pills?

The EuroAd Gasoline and Diesel Pills are fuel based additives in a solid form, chemically researched and developed to enhance engine performance, increase fuel efficiency, and to reduce harmful and polluting exhaust emissions. The manufacturing of the EuroAd Gasoline and Diesel Pill involves a process that was developed over many years by several automotive fuel experts. Both the EuroAd Gasoline and Diesel Pill are manufactured under the strictest standards to assure product quality and consistency of performance. Both products are 100% biodegradable, vegetable based formulations that dissolve quickly in your fuel and burn with zero residue. The accelerated burn these fuel additives generate in your engine will actually clean out harmful hydrocarbon residues left from conventional fuel combustion. This enhances the performance of your engine and reduces the need for costly maintenance.

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Question: How do you use the EuroAd Gasoline and Diesel Pill?

It is best to fill up the fuel tank to ensure optimal blending. Use the end of your key or a small sharp edge to cut the perforation on the paper side of the pill or pills you are going to insert in your fuel tank. Remove the pill from the blister pack trying not to break it (for easier insertion into your tank). The pills can be either placed directly into the fuel tank through the trap opening at the top of your refueling line or partially insert them in the end of the pump nozzle before inserting it into the tank. Once you squeeze the pump to commence refueling, the pill is propelled into the fuel tank. Both the EuroAd Gasoline and Diesel Pill are totally safe to touch and handle, but it is recommended that they be kept out of the reach of children. Check the “Usage Chart” to ensure you are using the correct ratio of fuel pills to gasoline or diesel fuel you are adding at each refill. For most cars and small pick-up trucks you will add just one pill per fill-up. For vehicles with larger tanks you may need an additional pill. The ratio is one pill for every 80 litres or 20 gallons of fuel.

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Question: How is the EuroAd Gasoline Pill or Diesel Pill different from other additive products already in the marketplace?

The EuroAd Gasoline and Diesel Pill work in a similar manner to other fuel additives usually sold in liquid form in plastic bottles. Many consumers may have seen only marginal impact on additional mileage or performance from such products, which are also more difficult to calibrate due to the liquid format. Some products have additives that result in residual deposits collecting in the fuel tank or clogging the fuel lines. No product to our knowledge has anything close to the properties or the performance of the EuroAd Fuel Pills which have had rigorous testing of their incremental mileage delivery, increased power performance, and reduced exhaust emissions. Our pills are 100% Biodegradable, dissolve completely in minutes, and leave zero residue in your fuel tank, fuel injection system or engine. The ingredients cannot and will not harm any motor or engine, and only assist your vehicle with a cleaner, more powerful, and fuel efficient combustion process.

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Question: What are the major benefit provided from using the EuroAd Gasoline and Diesel Pill?

There are four major benefits to using the EuroAd Gasoline or Diesel Pill for vehicle. The importance of each may vary depending on your priorities, but we feel they are all important. These include:

1. Increased Fuel Efficiency – by up 15% or more with continued and regular usage in most vehicles, yielding hundreds of dollars of annual savings to the average household.

2. Reduced Polluting exhaust emissions of up to 85% or more which amount to approximately 250 to 300 kg per year in an average small compact car and up to 600 kg or more in a large SUV or pick-up truck.

3. You should quickly notice some Enhanced Power and pick-up in your vehicle.

4. The ongoing Cleaner Burning performance of your engine should yield you a better maintained engine and a reduction in maintenance and repair costs over time. (this does not suggest regular maintenance should not be performed)

Note: it should be understood that not all results will be the same. Some results may be better than others due to many factors such as maintenance condition of the engine, driving patterns, changing weather conditions, changeover of summer and winter fuel, variables of fuel from different stations, idle times, or even your ability to accurately calibrate the fuel level at each fill-up. Our test results have been under controlled conditions where all of these factors, even tire pressure, had been held constant for vehicles before and with the use of the EuroAd Fuel Pill.

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Question: Are you saying that just by using the EuroAd Gasoline or Diesel Pill in my car or truck, I can reduce the pollution emissions from my car by hundreds of pounds per year?

Yes! That is precisely what we are saying. If you are concerned with how we are polluting the air you and your family breathe every day, this is probably the most important contribution you can make. We know that people may be able to drive a little less, but to expect them to park their car and stop driving is unrealistic for most of us. However, if we have an opportunity to remove the majority of the pollution our vehicles are generating every day, then we are doing our part to make a real difference. And because of the fuel cost savings, it is like being paid to help clean up our environment.

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Question: How often should I use the EuroAd Gasoline or Diesel Pill?

For best and most consistent results you should use the EuroAd Gasoline or Diesel Pill with every fill-up. Also, because of the savings you generate in reduced fuel usage, you will save the most money by using the EuroAd Fuel Pills with every fill-up.

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Question: What should I do if I only want to partially fill my tank? How many EuroAd Gasoline or Diesel Pills should I use?

The ratio for each EuroAd Gasoline Pill or Diesel Pill is one pill for up to 80 litres or 20 gallons per Pill. It does no harm to use the EuroAd Fuel Pills in a higher ratio and you may see slightly higher fuel economy and added engine power by doing so. If you are only half filling your tank you can still use a EuroAd Fuel Pill as it does not hurt the engine of your vehicle. Check the tank capacity in your vehicle manual or monitor how much fuel you typically replenish with each fill-up.

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Question: Does the EuroAd Gasoline or Diesel Pills have shelf storage life?

The shelf life of both the EuroAd Gasoline and the Diesel Pill is about two years in the blister pack.

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Question: Should I be concerned about special storage conditions?

Unused, the EuroAd Gasoline and Diesel Pill can be stored in the glove box or trunk of the car. External temperatures will not have any effect on the shelf life. The EuroAd Gasoline Pill and Diesel Pill will not melt in warm conditions under 66º C or 151º F. It is best to handle them at temperatures lower than 49ºC or 120 º F. Should melting occur, this will not alter the EuroAd Gasoline or Diesel Pill’s abilities. To re-solidify the pills, simply place them in a cooler environment for a minimum of three hours. The pill are then re-usable. Wherever you decide to store them, it is best to keep the EuroAd Gasoline and Diesel Pill safely away from children.

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Question: Is there any guarantee that my ten year old car will pass my vehicle emissions test using the EuroAd Gasoline Pill?

The EuroAd Gasoline and Diesel Pill will reduce emissions very substantially in most vehicles. These reduction levels depend on the condition of the vehicle and the type and quality of the fuel used. Customers have used the EuroAd Gasoline and Diesel pill prior to getting a smog or clean air test. There is very strong test data to support the claim of reduced smoke and emissions, with documented experience of vehicles passing their emissions test after use of the EuroAd Fuel Pill when they have previously failed. However, we cannot and do not guarantee your car will pass any inspection. As you can appreciate, there are a multitude of factors that can influence the end results.

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Question: I am not totally convinced with your claims. What kind of tests can I do myself to see if these products really do work?

If you were to use a dynamometer, you could run the diagnostics on your car prior to using the EuroAd Gasoline or Diesel Pill. After the diagnostics, fill up the fuel tank and add one EuroAd Gasoline Pill or Diesel Pill. When the tank nears empty - run the diagnostics again. You will get a good idea of the immediate benefits. Try this again after further use. If you are really in doubt, have a trusted mechanic test your emissions with a 4-gas analyzer. The results will indicate the amount of unburned hydrocarbons passing out through the vehicle’s tailpipe. For further verification, perform this test later, after 2-3 fill-ups and compare the difference. A more complete burn of hydrocarbons actually means more power and/or more economy. It’s really that simple.

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Question: How do I know the EuroAd Gasoline pill or Diesel Pill is safe for my vehicle? Has it ever been tested?

Both the EuroAd Gasoline and Diesel Pill are supported by scientific data and tested by independent, leading automotive experts. This data supports all claims of enhanced mileage performance for both gasoline and diesel engines. The EuroAd Gasoline and Diesel Pill have been sold for many years in a number of independent global markets with exceptional results.

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Question: Is the EuroAd Gasoline Pill suitable for my motorcycle?

The EuroAd Gasoline Pill is designed specifically to include use for motorcycles and other small fuel tank engines such as snowmobiles, portable generators, and ATV’s. The EuroAd Gasoline Pill is very popular in global neighbourhoods with large numbers of motorcycles and scooters. Also, the EuroAd Gasoline Pill can be used in other smaller capacity fuel tanks such as found with pleasure boats, snowmobiles, chainsaws, lawnmowers, etc.

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Question: What happens when I use EuroAd?

  1. Exhaust emissions are greatly reduced for vehicles powered by diesel and petrol and petrol/ethanol.
  2. Driving characteristic/the feeling are improved thanks to increased power, improved torque. You can drive longer in a higher gear without having to change down.
  3. Fuel consumption decreases.

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Question: What does EuroAd contain and how does it work?

  1. EuroAd is 100% vegetable-based. EuroAd is 100% bio-degradable and completely non-toxic. EuroAd cannot harm engines and other parts of the vehicle both in the short and long term.

  2. EuroAd is completely dissolved in the fuel tank.

  3. EuroAd is a cleansing agent whose chemical structure is similar to an ordinary detergent. However, EuroAd does not contain any chemical additives or petroleum additives.

  4. EuroAd cleans the entire fuel system! The tank, fuel lines, fuel chamber, valves, nozzles, atomisers.

  5. EuroAd contains bound oxygen. Thanks to continuously cleaned atomisers/nozzles and the supplied oxygen, a more complete combustion is achieved. This means that more power is extracted ruing combustion and that fewer carbon particles occur. This, in turn, means lower fuel consumption and fewer exhaust emissions. More miles for the same cost, a cleaner engine and a cleaner environment.

  6. EuroAd cleans so efficiently that soot is released in the combustion chamber, as are bacterial-type contaminants in both the tank and fuel lines.
    For this reason, we recommend that you check the fuel and oil filters initially after approx. 10-15 tanks containing the EuroAd additive.

It is as simple as that!

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